Stellar Guide To A Compelling LinkedIn Brand Presence

By 2015, if you haven’t gotten yourself or your brand on LinkedIn, the time is now! We’ve compiled a guide to help you optimize your LinkedIn brand presence for optimal reach, awareness and lead generation.

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Have a well optimized personal profile
For any brand that intends to use LinkedIn to market your services, build relationships and generate leads, having a well optimized personal profile is just as important as having an engaging brand presence. You and your employees are the faces behind your brand. Ensure your personal profile is complete with what you do at your company, endorsements from colleagues and clients, links to your website and your company page.

Have a company page optimized for search and awareness
Create a company page for your brand. Designate a unique LinkedIn URL just for your company so it’s easy to share and find. Where you can tell more about your company and your services, be sure to include your top search terms that people use to find your company. Most importantly, include your website in your company description so people know where to find your online hub.

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Designate unique and branded profile and cover image
Your profile picture should be your company logo, as your logo quickly and easily identifies your brand as you engage on LinkedIn. You cover photo is the place to get creative and let your brand personality shine.

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Spotlight a group – preferably your brand group
A great way to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry is to create a group that is specific to your brand. Groups on LinkedIn serve as communities of brand advocates. Users who opt in to joining your group will be those who find your content useful and want to talk about more with you about your products, services or industry. If you have a group for your company, spotlight that group on your page so your followers can easily find it.  Visit Stellar Blue Technologies’ Training Studio Group

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Have a Showcase Page for your top products
Showcase pages are designated for brands to showcase, spotlight and promote their specific products and services. Showcase pages are the place to really talk up the features advantages and benefits of the products and services you offer. Your company page is a great place to stay connected and share company and industry news, but your showcase page is the place to qualify your leads.

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This is just a starting point to get your presence off the ground on LinkedIn. Knowing how to take advantage of advanced search tools, sales navigators and connections is the next step to becoming a LinkedIn rock star! Join us March 4th for our In-Depth LinkedIn workshop where you will learn how to import your email contacts to grow your LinkedIn connections, choose a killer, eye-catching cover image to carry your brand’s presence, get your content published on LinkedIn with Publisher, and finally how to recruit a top-notch team using LinkedIn’s advances features – lunch will also be provided!

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