Live From #CES2015 | Chad’s Thursday Jan. 8 Recap!

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Thursday was a somewhat of a sad day.  I feel like I have learned so much and have so much to bring back to the frozen state of Wisconsin, and my time at CES has come and gone very fast.  For Thursday I want to make sure I recap one seminar in particular because it is a very well known name.  Enjoy the recap!


Yahoo – Audience Engagement in a Multi-Screen World

I wanted to sit in on this seminar as it tied to how the world of advertisement and customer engagement is now becoming more geared toward multiple platforms.  Yahoo has been around since the pioneer days of internet, but more recently has made changes internally which has brought out a sort of “renaissance” to the brand.  For many years they have fallen short of Google in the popularity list but are making large strides toward being right at the top with Google.  Although most of the seminar was geared towards Yahoo Ads in regards to their product, there were a few good takeaways as it pertained to the industry in general.  First, the focal point of advertising is starting to lean more towards mobile video.  Why is this?  Advertisers want to make a more personalized experience between their ad and the viewer, and there is no better place than the devices that are always within arm’s reach of the target audience.  So that leads us to ask what is happening in mobile.  We are getting to know more and more about the customer, and over smart devices we are able to get that content out there that is tailored towards their interests.  This is all based on data that most people don’t even know they are giving.  Apps have become our personal assistants, but they are only beneficial to us if we give them information.  What this means is that those who are a little more leery to let apps gather their information will ultimately receive ads that do not pertain to them.  In essence, embrace technology and what your information can be used for, it is designed to bring you the best experience possible when used properly.   In the near future, ads will have the ability to follow you from screen to screen, meaning that a lot of processes for a person are happening over multiple devices and those ads will go from screen to screen as you use them.  They spent a little more time talking about the rise of Tumblr for advertising, which I admit I know very little about, but apparently the average Tumblr ad is shared 10,000 times, which is an enormous reach!  Becoming creative on this space can ensure an organic and engaged audience that can seriously increase your business!  The last point I want to hit on is when they talked about programmatic video and programmatic ad campaigns.  I didn’t know what is was at first, but it is an automated way for your ads to reach customers.  Most the ads that we place now are programmatic, and as a matter of fact 60% of all ads we send out are programmatic.  Welcome to the future of advertising!


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