Live from #CES2015: Dustin & Augmented Reality Glasses

(written by Technical Director Dustin White)

If people 50 years ago were told that having glasses would be the coolest thing ever – no one would believe us. I had the opportunity today to test out Augmented Reality glasses today.  And yes, it was pretty amazing.  Basically what they do is show a 3d computer/tablet screen in front of your eyes.  So for example you could be viewing your emails while you have the glasses on and can control the screen via the little device you have in your hands.There are so many other things that this gadget can do other than just be a computer.  For example, say you have an engine in front of you that you are trying to fix/assemble. Well this device could have the instructions/schemetis loaded in it and overlays images/instructions over the engine so it basically guides you step by step how to assemble the engine.  This is where it’s true power is, basically being able to show you how to do things on true objects through augmented reality.


Another cool thing about this which is of interest to us is that they have an SDK for this device so that developers (like Stellar) can build custom applications for it past it’s general use.  Also, being that I’m a developer I can order one of these glasses for the low low price of $5000. Feel free to make a donation!  The company that showed me this information is

Many of the other cool things I saw were related to fitness.  Fitbit just released their new fitness watch monitors at CES that track your heart rate and a number of other things.  Looks pretty cool, I think they sold me on getting one – Dustin, 0 | Fitbit, 1.

I also got some additional information on 3d printing.  The thing is many of these 3d printer companies have APIs now out for developers.  So say we work with a company that has a specific 3d printer and they want a website where you can select options for a product (lets use a chess piece for example) to customize it (maybe size, color, etc.) and then when they complete this order it automatically processes and sends to the 3d printer. And then prints and ships out to the client.  Good to know that many of these 3d printer companies offer APIs for programmer to work with their devices.

More to come! Stay tuned!

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