Live from #CES2015 – Dustin & 3D Printers

(written by Technical Director Dustin White)


An image of a 3D Printer

One of the biggest things I really dug into today was 3d printing.  I had no idea how amazing this technology really is and I honestly feel like this is the future. Forget Minority report, we’re getting closer to Star Trek here.

What’s so amazing about 3d printing is based on the printer and the materials used, you can pretty much create anything.  For example if you have a printer that uses metal and other similar components it can create parts for cars, airplanes, etc. If you had proper human tissue materials you can create organs on these 3d printers (amazing).  In fact they already have 3d printers that have food materials that can be used to create actual food (you model the food and it creates it, I still don’t fully understand how this all works or what food you can create but just the idea is cool).

In the future, 3d printers will probably be affordable for personal uses. Imagine all the things you could create at home with your own 3d printer.  One human model at one of the 3d printer booths had only clothes on that were made with 3d printers (her purse, shoes, and so on, were all made with the 3d printer).   Most of the 3d printers I saw used plastic/metals (or similar materials) and from that could create any plastic/metal objects they could think of via the 3d model tools.  You do need to know how to use a 3d model program like CAD for example in order to first digitally create it and then send the specs to the printer.  There are already other programs out there and new ones I’m sure that will make 3d modeling easier.  Not to mention I’m sure there will be plenty of templates in the future out there on the internet.  Truly an amazing technology.  

The coolest things for me at this conference have been augmented reality, virtual reality and 3d printing.  Very cool technologies.  The last few years at the CES felt a little more gimmicky and less substance.  I can say this conference is different as it had a lot more substance.  I truly feel like these new technologies (VR, AR, 3d printing, health monitoring, robotics, etc.) are truly progressing by leaps and bounds and the future is really going to be amazing with these new technologies.

Get ready for some exciting things to happen with these new advancements.  Stellar’s job will be to continue monitoring these companies’ API’s and SDK’s so that we can work with these technologies through the web world. 

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