Link Building and Content Marketing: How They Work Together

Last week, I had the pleasure of participating in a webinar presented by Page One Power. The webinar was led by Page One Power Co-Founder and CEO Jon Ball. The webinar covered link building, content marketing and the ways they work together. I thought this was a great opportunity to share what I learned as this is a subject that many may overlook.

Content Marketing and Link Building

In recent years there have been many questions surrounding link building: Isn’t link building dead? Aren’t content marketing and link building the same thing? Do links still matter? This turned many site optimizers away from the process of link building. Although, according to Matt Cutts, head of Google’s Webspam team, link building is not dead. He states, “It turns out that back-links, even though there’s some noise and a lot of spam, for the most part are still a really, really big win in terms of quality of search results”.

To begin, understanding the definitions of link building and content marketing must be understood. In short, content marketing is defined as “going out of your way to craft engaging content for all online media,” while link building is defined as, “going out of your way to get your website link listed on multiple sources.” The two terms are not the same, they are not even close, but rather consider them as two sides of the same coin. To obtain the full potential of content marketing, link building and content marketing need to work together.

For example: made an off-road map of Jeep approved trails, where owners of a Jeep can see reviews and descriptions of off-road driving routes located through the United States. It is great piece of content on their website that many people could find resourceful. The website has 24 different domains linking to this piece of content offering a variety of marketing call-outs. Another company, Perky Pets, has a similar piece of content on their website. The website featured an interactive hummingbird migration map made for people who were interested in following hummingbirds. The total number of domains having a link to this page is 587! This is because they went out of their way to create links on different sources! Jeep is easily the bigger brand and recognized by many more people, yet Perky Pets has over 20 times as many links linking to its content. The results end up in way more leads and traffic to Perky Pets site than Jeep. This shows the importance that great content cannot perform well without link building supporting it.

As the webinar went on, Jon got into the process of link building. Link building is a two step process: One, finding a target site, and two, asking for a link. He compared it as to almost  door-to door sales in a way. Now, great content is needed in order to build links for it, so Jon helped explain a few simple ways to get links with good content marketing. Here are two:

  1. Reviews- Review everything in your niche and put in on your site. For example, if you are in the mattress industry you can make a review on the most comfortable bed sheets. Taking products in your niche, reviewing them, and getting in contact with the manufacturing asking to link to your review, can be a great way to build links for your website.
  2. Interview experts- If you have a blog, interviewing experts in your industry and posting it to your blog can be a great way to get links for your website! The content is already created for you, all’s you need to do is send a link right back to the expert to return the favor.

This webinar really opened up my eyes and informed me how important great content and link building go together. Jon finished up with a little advice on how to ask for links. He said the number one best way is to find a target site, call them, and ask for a link.

Links are not dead! Contact a Stellar Blue Crew team member today to continue the conversation.


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