Get your Run On! PaceSetters Launches New Site

The PaceSetters of the Fox Cities is made up of active individuals and families with the common interest of friendships, exercise, and community. This is Stellar Blue’s first project for PaceSetters as well as recently becoming a new sponsor of the organization.

Website Features
This site is loaded with many features geared towards runners of all kinds and its members. When first entering the homepage visitors are greeted by a fun, active, community driven atmosphere. You get a great feel for what the site is about and what it is trying to promote: Running! The site features a custom designed layout as well as responsive design that allows the site to be viewed seamlessly across any device. The website is also integrated with WordPress for easy editing and maintenance of the site.

For visitors, potential members, and current members there is an interactive running event calendar that is available to easily see upcoming running and walking events along with the locations and times they take place. The website includes sponsored and featured run highlights which scrolls through the organization’s different sponsors and upcoming races so information can simply be seen throughout the site. A blog is also integrated as an updated news resource and place to find industry insights. The biggest item featured on the site is a custom member database called ‘MyPace’. Potential members must sign up for a unique member number and password, after registration members are entered into the database which unlocks more details for the paid members along with redeemable coupons and business promotions.

PaceSetters’ new site was made in hope to grow the community of walkers/runners and promote better health and wellness. The club wants to help those interested in running and walking but don’t how to get started. Classes are made available to help assist beginners, novices, or those who used to run but have not done so for quite a few years. Becoming a member of the organization also allows you to obtain great member benefits such as discounts at select sponsors stores of PaceSetters.

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