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It has been an exciting experience so far at CES in Las Vegas.  I have been told that there are over 160,000 people in attendance from all over the world, which is a metric that I am finding to be very accurate.  To make sure everyone can get a few bits of information even if they aren’t at the event, I will be sharing my notes for everyone to see!  Enjoy!


CES Trends – Shawn DuBravac

I chose this meeting because I wanted to know what the industry has projected for advancements.  He began the conference by describing the five pillars of our digital destiny.  These are the pillars that the Internet and the digital age as a whole was founded on.  Ubiquitous computing, cheap digital storage, connectivity, proliferation of digital devices, and sensorization of tech are the five pillars that he discussed.  For example, computing started as 100% code, which how people communicated with the devices.  Since then, we have evolved to make the computer and digital devices transform to communicate with us in more of a human way.  He made an interesting remark about technology in terms of how we have started to digitalize everything.  He said “In more recent years we have transformed ourselves from thinking is technology possible, to is technology meaningful.” Thinking in that manor is beneficial for technology because we no longer limit our own possibilities, but think of ways to make it happen.  We are starting to micro-digitalize everything we have, which is one of the main trends moving forward for 2015.  What this means is that we are taking steps to fundamentally change the experience somebody has with our products by digitalizing them.  He gave a few examples of this.  One being your weather apps.  In the near future we can see these apps getting smarter by integrating themselves with other apps that you use to manage your life.  For instance, if you plan to travel n the upcoming week, your weather app will pull up the weather forecast not only for your home but also where you will be based off of the information you may have about that location in your calendar.  Outside of this advancement he talked about some interesting statistics.  The purchases of smart phones surpassed computers this last year by a volume of $2 billion to $1.7 billion.  The CES convention this year covers 2.2 million square feet of space in Las Vegas.  Now that’s a lot of space allotted for new technology.  For more about Shawn’s insights on technology and to get a better feel for what is happening in the technological world, take a look at his book titled “Digital Destiny.”  Stay posted for more from this year’s CES!


A Future Worth Having – James Whittaker, Microsoft Engineer

This was an interesting seminar to attend.  Maybe it was just my thinking but I had no idea that apps are continuing to diminish search from the perspective of Microsoft.  To me I thought that search would always be ahead of anything an app can do, but the more he described his reasoning, the more I understood.  He made the comment that “we don’t go to the web anymore, the web comes to us.”  The reason that the comment really stuck with me is because I never thought of apps being information storage devices even while they are running in the backgrounds of our computers and smartphones, but they are.  Based on things we have done in the past, our apps can now make suggestions for what we may be looking for, can give us advice based on past behavior, and tell us when something is wrong even before we know.  This brought up another question for me as I was listening.  How much of our lives is controlled by machine to machine interaction, and what does that mean for marketing in the future.  Intent is becoming bigger and bigger in terms of marketing to consumers.  If your company’s information isn’t relevant or appealing to consumers, it simply won’t appear to them like it used to.  The rest of his time talking was focused on how Microsoft is conforming to these new trends.  In the near future we will see PowerPoint search for images for you, and it will already be pre-filtered to prevent you from copyright infringement.  You will also see plugins that read through your slides and make suggestions based on relevant content available on the web.  To me it is exciting and scary to think of at the same time.  I will end this summary on a lighter note.  He was telling us the story of when he took his daughter to go see the movie World War Z in the theatre.  She got her phone out and he heard her counting down from 3 before she got up to go to the bathroom.  When she came back she said she knew it was a good time to go because there is now an app for that which tells people when a good time to go to the bathroom is during movies.  It is called “RunPee App.” I think I may have to get that the next time I go to a movie!
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