What Analytics Can Do For Your Business!

What Analytics Can Do For Your Business

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Information.  It is the most vital tool businesses have to make sure their website is successful in converting users to revenue.  Over the last 15 years we have seen the biggest technological advances of our existence and it all boils down to one common word, information.  Information has become the way that businesses thrive in our digital world, and the companies that don’t ride the analytics wave are the ones that get swept out to sea.  So what does analytics do to help  drive your business?


  • Tracking Where Visitors Go – Knowing where visitors go when they reach your site is a crucial piece of information.  It allows businesses to see which pages are generating the most activity and which pages generate the least.  By analyzing this information businesses can make sure that necessary information is on the pages that are being visited, as well as determine what changes need to be made for the pages with less traffic.
  • Track Where Visitors Are Coming From –  This piece of information is just as important as what visitors do when they get to your site.  There are many ways customers get to your site including direct entry, search, social media and referrals.  Knowing where visitors come from can tell a business a lot about what is working great in terms of marketing, and what may be an opportunity for additional marketing dollars.
  • Bounce Rates – Knowing where visitors go on your site and where they come from are both extremely important pieces of information, but there is another piece that ties everything together.  Bounce rates can tell your company what percentage of people leave your site within a given amount of time.  Why is this important?  If your site doesn’t have the necessary information to grab a visitors attention, they won’t stick around.  Knowing that a page has a high bounce rate can translate to a problem with information, page layout, or call to actions.  Making adjustments because of this information can directly lead to more customers as well as revenue for your business.


There are clearly many more ways that analytics can improve your business.  Make sure your business is taking advantage of the benefits that analytics offers.  For more information on Stellar Blue Analytics, click here  and help grow your business today!

Why Analytics Matter

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