2014: The Year SEO Changed

As we wrap up 2014, it is always fun taking a look back at the major changes that happened over the past year, and thinking about what the future may hold.  In terms of technology, it has been another big year in terms of changes, especially in the Google SEO world.

2014 SEO Changed

2014 has brought out major changes in the way websites and other online content are delivered to unique users.  This was noticed most in the approximate 14 algorithm changes Google made this year.  Google is shifting towards more quality search results, meaning that you have to be more tactical in your SEO strategy.  The days of stuffing your site full of keywords to rank higher with Google are long gone.  So what are some of the new ways you can show up as a relevant, quality result with Google?

  • Place keywords within the first 100 words of a website page’s content.  When Google searches within your site to determine its relevance to a search, a keyword within the first 100 words will get tagged faster by Google and appear as a relevant result.
  • Make sure your website is mobile friendly.  Every year the number of searches on Google from mobile devices increases, and since 2013 Google has made it clear that it will be penalizing sites that provide a less favorable mobile experience.  Google is currently rewarding sites with a mobile device emblem next to their search result if they have proven to be proactive in adapting to the new trends.  We can only believe that this will become standard in the near future, so make sure you are ahead of the curve with a mobile friendly site.
  • Use multimedia to your advantage.  Quality multimedia such as pictures and videos can keep visitors on your site for a long time, which is never really a problem right?  What a lot of people also don’t know is that the file name, title, and description of that multimedia can also be used as relevant search data.  Moral of the story, take a little time naming your multimedia, it can significantly help your search ranking


Photo Courtesy of Geeks Blog

There are clearly many more factors that can contribute to higher rankings on search engines, and only time will tell when newer techniques will be added to the list.  Google has made it a clear point to enhance their user’s experience as much as possible, and as long as we keep up with the trends we can help enhance their experience as well.  If you are unsure on how to implement these strategies and would like some help, contact the Stellar Blue team today!

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