Pinterest Just Got A Little Smarter: Introducing Smart Feed

Pinterest has quickly become a power-house social platform for businesses to market their brand and connect with their audiences. And with growth, comes change. Pinterest recently rolled out their new algorithm, called Smart Feed.

Pinterest Smart Feed featured image

What has changed?
Pinterest’s new Smart Feed is an algorithm that grades or rates pins based on factors such as quality of pin and quality of the source. The higher the rating, the more people are likely to see your pin. The biggest change to users is that pins are no longer in chronological order. They are now in order of quality.

How do you get your pins seen?
In order to ensure your pins have optimal viewing potential, there are a few things to keep in mind when pinning to Pinterest, considering the new Smart Feed.

  • Quality of the image
    Pinterest is all about imagery. Now more than ever, having a quality, eye catching, exciting image is important. The image is what stops users and drives them to click on your pin.
  • Keywords
    Pinterest is now taking into consideration the quality of the source of the pin. Which means if you are pinning from your website, your website is considered as well. Make sure to use as many keywords as you can in your website content as well as your pin descriptions. The more consistency between words found on your website and words found in your pins, the better Pinterest rates your pins.
  • Links to real content
    Also regarding the quality of the source of a pin, including links in your pins can prove to be very helpful. Not only has Pinterest said links help the rate of your pin, including links to your website in your pin also gives more potential for users to find your website.

Pay attention to your Pinterest analytics and monitor your reach as this change takes full affect. If you start to see a drastic change, you may need to re-evaluate how you craft your pins.

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