Why Less Is More – The Modern Day Website

Most of us have seen how websites have evolved over the past 20 years.  In that short time span there have been tremendous changes in the way content is delivered to visitors via websites.

Less Is More

In a time where anyone has the ability to find answers to their questions by asking Google or Yahoo, we have noticed a unique change in how that content is delivered.  Traditionally companies have delivered their website messages with long paragraphs and drawn out text that would fill up their pages, but the times have changed dramatically.  The most recent trend with websites is the exact opposite, and features brief strong messages enhanced by video and unique graphics.  So why have websites decided to shift how their message is delivered?

No More Clutter!

We have reached the point of information overload.  When your visitors have to sort through clutter to find the information they need, they tend to lose interest all together.  You don’t want your users to navigate away from your website because they’re distracted by unnecessary content.  Focus on what  is truly important for them to see.  New web designs reduce distractions by focusing more on visual content and less on text.  This can be seen by large graphical call to action buttons that highlight important information and also reduces the amount of reading the user has to experience.  Enhancing the user’s experience by focusing on things like color, typography and design elements will make your site effective even though you really are using less.

Straight to the Point!

Breaking away from tradition is never easy, especially in terms of what content your website should contain.  By transitioning to more of a “minimalist” theme to your website, you are allowing for more focused content that delivers a very clear message to your visitors. We all like when someone is straight to the point, right?

Stellar Blue Site Examples

                       BEFORE                                                                   AFTER

Educate Burundi BeforeEducate Burundi After

                      BEFORE                                                                   AFTER

   Vans Construction Before   Vans Construction After        

If you feel like your website may be falling further back in time and want to get it up to today’s standards, don’t be afraid.  The Stellar Blue Technologies team is here to help you.  Contact Us today for more information on how we can help!   



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