Encouraging Employee Participation in Social Media

Employee Participation_SocialMediaDid you know that people are 8X more likely to share a post seen from an individual versus a brand? So what does that mean? It means that simply sharing your message through your branded accounts isn’t enough to create within your audience. It’s becoming increasingly important for brands to have brand ambassadors on social media to help promote and advocate for the brand. What better brand ambassadors than your own walking talking employees!?

So the question is, how do we encourage our employees to participate in promoting our messages without losing control over how the message is relayed, and not infringe on the privacy of their personal accounts?

Have a clear policy

  • Include the company culture and voice of your brand’s social presence.
  • Include rules and guidelines for professional social media use and also personal social media use.
  • Make sure to include that sharing company updates is not mandatory.
  • Specify that those who wish to share company updates must comply with company standards.

Get executive and department buy-in
Having the best plan and policy typed up is useless if you don’t have support from leadership, executives or departments. Get the important people on board and excited about the new possibilities. Clear up any objections before trying to implement this policy with the entire company. If leadership isn’t fully on board, you’ll never get the entire team on board.

Train Your Team!
The next incredibly important component to having a winning employee advocacy program is having effective, hands-on thorough training for your entire team. In order to have the greatest possible impact for your brand, all participating employees need to be excited, passionate and competent in their new responsibility. Untrained employees cause problems in the system, miscommunication throughout the team, and negative feeling about your brand by your audience. Training an entire team on various social media platforms is easier than you may think when you hire the team at Stellar Blue.

Our social media and marketing experts will come right to you, and spend time working hands-on with each one of your employees, teaching them best practices and advanced marketing techniques using platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, WordPress and more – all completely tailored to your brand and your mission!

Contact the team at Stellar Blue today to hear about our options for training your entire team on social media through our private corporate workshops!

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