5 Stellar Last Minute Facebook Holiday Contests


Contests are a great way to create engagement and excitement for your social media followers. With the holiday season being in full effect, there isn’t a BETTER time to create a festive holiday contest for them.

Sometimes setting up contests can take time and with the year coming to an end, creating a contest may be the last thing on your mind. But, there is still some last second contests you can put up during the holidays that helps drive the engagement we all strive for.

Here are some key stats according to Shortstack.com

  • Brands that host contests see a 66% increase in contest submissions during the holidays.
  • Fill-in-the-blank status updates receive 182% more engagement than any other status update.
  • 85% of all Facebook admins decided they would host a contest or promotion in 2014.
  • 63.4% Would be likely to share a link to a holiday contest.

Here are “5 Stellar Last Minute Facebook Holiday Contests” you can run.

1.Coupon Kick-Offs
Everyone loves getting discounts, especially during the holiday season. Offering coupons are easy to set up and it is an easy incentive for customers to shop at your store. Third party services like Woobox and Wishpond can help you start your holiday coupon campaign out. Make sure that coupons have a short shelf life to create a sense of urgency for your customers.

2.Fill in the Blank Statuses
As stated above, fill in the blank contests receive 182% more engagement than any other status update! The best thing is that they only take 30 seconds to set up. Examples like, “All I want for Christmas is ________”  and “The song/movie that best sums of the holidays for me is _________”, are ways to quickly create engagement and set the holiday spirit. Reward a random fan for whoever comments on your status.

3.Holiday Photo Contest
Photo contests can easily be set up in 10-20 minutes. Ugly sweater contests, family photo contests, and christmas tree/fireplace decorating contests are all great examples of photo contests that you can run during the holidays. Photo contest allow your fans to get creative and are a great way to spread the holiday cheer.

4.Essay Contests
The holidays are filled with food, traditions, and much more. Have your fans share a short description of their experiences with you by giving away a prize for the “best holiday recipe” or “favorite Christmas tradition”. Try letting your fans vote by “liking” their favorite entry to create more engagement.

 5. Sign in and win giveaways
Email marketing can be very powerful during the holiday season, especially if you have promotions or holiday catalogs that you wish to share with your customers. Creating a “sign in and win giveaway” contest is an easy way to build your contact list and help spread your reach. Have a contest entrant enter their email to be automatically entered in to win a prize. Make your contest seem achievable and giveaway several small prizes like $25 gift cards to your store.

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