5 Digital Marketing & Social Media Predictions for 2015

2015 preditionsWith the start of a new year within reach, it’s time to start preparing. The only thing we know we can count on is that things are bound to change. We’ve compiled a list of 5 trends and predictions to expect to see in 2015.



QUALITY Content is King
Content has been king for a while now, but 2015 more than ever, QUALITY content is the key. Everyone has a blog these days, but not everyone distributes true quality content. Google has started to crack down on spammy content, Facebook and Pinterest are now adjusting their algorithms to share only the most relevant and popular content to their users’ news feeds. It will become increasingly challenging to get your content seen, and shared.

Hello responsive – Goodbye “Mobile Only”
Say goodbye to “mobile only” websites and brands managing two websites in order to reach desktop and mobile users. Responsive website designs will be popping up everywhere you click. The rise of mobile is not slowing anytime soon, and so marketers have to adapt and cater to both visitor segments. Responsive design is much more effective than managing two websites.  Check out our responsive projects.

Social Media continues to be more competitive
2014 was the year of change for Facebook. They optimized their news feed algorithm so drastically that for a good chunk of the year, marketers were left stumped. Wondering how we could keep our organic reach numbers from falling off the map. Pinterest has started to follow suit, and other social networks are rumored to explore similar changes. The free ride we’ve seen on social is coming to an end. The age of social media creating big brands overnight for free is over.  We have hands-on social media workshop every week!

Rise of marketing applications for wearable technology
Wearables took center stage in 2014. We saw all kinds of gadgets hit the market, but 2015 we will start to see marketers taking advantage of the new concept. Wearable technology has opened a door to enhanced productivity like no other. Imagine a contractor being able to see his building blueprint laid over his land through his glasses. The possibilities are pretty mind-blowing.

2015 will be the year of humanization
While “humanizing your brand” has been a priority for the last year as well, 2015 more than ever will be the year that brands take it seriously. Every brand today has a great mission, great products, great services and great prices. As consumers, we do business with brands that we relate to on a human level. We gravitate towards brands we know and trust, more than those who have the best product. Showing our customers and audiences who we are behind the scenes – our culture, our personality, our humans, the more trust we gain from our audiences.

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