4 Tasks Every Social Media Marketer Should Be Doing

4 tasks - featured imageManaging an active social brand is no easy task. Having to monitor every action, mention and new follower – just to name a few, can seem to be incredibly overwhelming. Whether you manage a social brand by yourself or with a team, there are a few things that every social media marketer should be doing to remain relevant and entertaining.


Check for activity/engagement on profiles
Above all, your audience is the most important aspect of your social brand to manage. Once you lose interest by your audience, you’ve lost the social game. Make it a point to log in at least once per day to all of your social media accounts to see if there have been any new engagements that need to be addressed. Don’t ever leave a user feeling ignored – respond to all feedback quickly and kindly.

Check platform analytics
Another incredibly important aspect to managing a successful social brand, is knowing how exactly you are doing. One of the golden rules of marketing is to measure everything – social media is no exception. Set goals for your efforts, and monitor your performance and progress towards your goals. Make adjustments to your strategies based on data over anything else.

Share relevant content
Whether it’s original content your team has created, or curated content from an influencer in your industry, you must provide your audience with helpful and relevant information. Not every brand needs to share content every single day, but no brand wants to have a profile with no content.

In order to be engaged with, one must first be engaging. Social media is like a game of ping-pong – it’s back and forth. The more engaging you are as a brand, the more likely other users, influencers and potential customers are to engage with you. In addition, the more engaging you do as your brand with other users, the more reach potential your brand has.

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