How to Easily Promote Your Website During the Holiday Season

halloween over - christmas carolsWe made it to November! Are you ready for it? It seems like the minute Halloween is over; we are scrambling to get ready for the holiday season. Well here we are, it’s off to the races! As small businesses, we know the holidays have the potential for bringing great sales, but they always tend to creep up on us right about… now. Luckily, we’ve compiled this list of 10 quick, easy and cost effective ways to promote your website and your business during the holiday season.

How to Easily Promote Your Website During the Holidays

Start with your content
Tailor your regular communications to include a tone of holiday cheer and greetings. Write a blog about your company traditions or office decorations. Change up your website imagery to include wintery themes to get people in the spirit. If your website or store front does not reflect the holiday season in any way, prospective customers could assume you have nothing special to offer them.

Participate in social media
The holiday season is more than anything about family, friends and loved ones. As businesses and brands, social media is the prime channel for humanizing our brand and showing off our personalities and company culture. Use social media to show your holiday spirit, share your traditions and spread holiday wishes.

Stellar holiday wish

Take advantage of email marketing
During this time of year, everyone knows how our email inboxes fill up with special offers, sales, discounts, deals, you name it. While this is an effective way to grab your customer’s attention, this is also a great channel to extend your season’s greetings and wish your clients, customers and supporters a safe and cheerful holiday. Use this channel to let them know you care and appreciate them. A simple e-card can go a long way.

Take advantage of special offers and promotions
If there were ever a better time to offer up specials promotions, it’s now. Consumers know their time is limited and so special offers and promotions drive people to act now and take advantage of the deal. If possible, reduce the cost of certain products or services, or include a free gift or bonus item. Again, this encourages people to act now.

This is the season for gratitude and giving. Now more than ever is the time to show your customers how grateful you are for their support, and give a little back in return. If you’re looking for ways you can promote your business during the holiday season, contact the team at Stellar Blue to help develop a plan.

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