Facebook’s ‘Pay-to-Play’ Game Adds New Rules to Your News Feed

Pay to Play Game Featured ImageFacebook announced last week that starting in January 2015, they will be cracking down even harder on overly promotional posts from business owners. With over 3 billion users on Facebook, stating that the ‘News Feed is a competitive place’ is an understatement.


So, why the change?
Facebook’s goal is to provide a quality product to their users and to keep said users satisfied. So when their users say they are sick of seeing so many spammy, promotional posts in their News Feed, Facebook has to act. Facebook already holds more value to the engagement of posts, giving those posts more space in the News Feed than posts with less engagement. Both of these changes mean that page owners have to be fair about their content. If you are trying to drive a purchase, or get users to enter a contest, Facebook says you should have to pay for that space. In addition, if you want your general updates to be seen, it needs to be relevant and engaging.

With so much content being shared on Facebook every minute, Facebook has to do their best to ensure each user is seeing the best and most relevant content to each individual user. The game just got a little tougher!

How do you prepare?
Just like all marketing and advertising, you have to be willing to adapt to the changes. Take a look at your social strategy, your goals for being on Facebook, and your marketing budget.

  • STRATEGY: If you follow the 70/20/10 rule, only about 20% of your posts should be promotional in nature to begin with, with that said, only 20% of your Facebook strategy needs to be revised to adapt to this change. Your organic strategy should focus around showing off your personality and brand culture, instead of promotional content. Your promotional content now should be backed by advertising dollars.
  • BUDGET: What is your current ROI on Facebook? Are you seeing enough of a profit with your organic posts to warrant sticking a few dollars behind your promotional posts? You may find that either part of your budget could prove to be very effective if used on Facebook, but you may also find that your audience responds more to your personality and general updates than your promotional posts. In that case, you may decide to not allocate more of your budget to Facebook and stick with the goal of humanizing your brand on Facebook.
  • GOALS: Take this time to refine your social brand. Social media, Facebook especially, is an ideal channel to show off your company personality and culture. It’s a place to be social. You may decide that Facebook is the channel for you to humanize your brand, and another channels, such as Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+ may be more effective to promote your products or services.

It’s important to understand that Facebook has been a great free ride until recently. If you would like to discuss how this change could affect your marketing strategy, contact the team at Stellar Blue today.


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