Stellar Analytics Presents: Visitor Log

Stellar Analytics allows you to track the performance and visitor traffic and behavior of your website. In our Stellar Analytics blog series, we will go over a few of the most popular and helpful features of Stellar Analytics and how you can use each feature to better understand your own website and how it performs.

Listen as our Marketing Director Amanda Betts walks you through the Visitor Log.

The Visitor Log within Stellar Analytics allows you to view in real-time as people visit your website. You can view details information about each visitor down to their location, browser, device etc. You can also view exactly how individual users came to your site, what actions they take, what pages they view and all in what order.

The Visitor Log is just one of the many features you will find with Stellar Analytics. With Stellar Analytics, you can find out:

  • How visitors found your site
  • How long visitors were on your site
  • All of the pages the navigated through on your site
  • Visitor Frequency such as new and regular visitors
  • View which pages visitors used to enter the website
  • Which pages made them leave
  • Which technology they’re using (Desktop or Mobile)
  • Are they completing (converting) the action you were hoping for?
  • What visitors currently on your site are doing through the real time data tool

Stay tuned to our blog and YouTube channel for more bite-sized analytics videos explaining some of the more popular and useful features of Stellar Analytics. If you’d like more information right away about what Stellar Analytics can do for you and your company, contact a Stellar Blue representative today!

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