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Industry: Personal Services Provider

website success storyThe Situation:
When we launched a client website for a personal services provider in 2014, we also began providing them with premium analytics reports to help grow their website. The client needed to drive website traffic to the locations page so that customers could either call to make appointments or find out where they were located so that they could stop in. We also knew from our own experience with analytics that sites like this would have the majority of visits coming from users with mobile devices, so the site should be optimized for these users.

The Results:
Locations Page
The ultimate goal of the website was to get visitors to the locations page. From there, we could tell which specific location they were interested in. This information could then be used to compare against actual sales at their locations. We noticed an opportunity shortly after launch to add some links and call to actions from their services page to specific locations. The growth in traffic to the page has been phenomenal. The first month of traffic had 23 page views to the locations page but that number has grown to 395 in just 6 months. That is roughly a 1,700% increase in traffic!






Mobile Traffic
Having analytics being one of our core services comes with many advantages to our clients because when we are discussing a new website, we have a deep understanding of how websites for different industries are used and we can steer clients in the right direction . We knew that b2c websites (and service providers in particular) have a high percentage of their web traffic come from users on mobile devices. We recommended responsive design so that no matter if a visitor was on a phone, tablet or desktop, the site would look great and more importantly, be easy to use. We have seen these users in particular go to the locations page. In August, the locations page had the most page views on the site among mobile users, even more than the homepage! The great thing about mobile traffic is that they are the most ready to make a purchasing decision. Having a responsive website has helped these visitors find these locations.







This is an example of how we can partner with our clients to provide an ongoing marketing tool to ensure that their website is working for them. The web changes quickly and we are always staying up to date on the latest trends and statistics to make sure that are clients websites are converting visitors into customers. This business now has a sales tool that works 24/7 while they can focus on the day to day operations of their stores. Our full service digital marketing team is here to help you make data driven decisions to grow your website and your business.

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