5 Considerations for Creating #Hashtags


What is a hashtag, and why is it important?
According to Dictionary.com, a hashtag is a word or phrase preceded by a hash mark, (#), used within a message to identify a keyword or topic of interest and facilitate a search for it. Hashtags are simply everywhere; ranging from Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter where they originated. Hashtags also organize content and identify themes as well as conversations. In addition, businesses are using hashtags to drive social media conversations which ultimately build brand awareness.


#1 Keep it short
In the world of hashtags it’s all about the size! Longer is not better! No one is going to remember a lengthy hashtag. We as humans are notorious for having many things on our mind at once. So, keeping your hashtag short, simple, and to the point will yield the best results.

#2 Be relevant
When you are coming up with a hashtag for your post make sure it makes sense. If your post is about the Packer game on Sunday, make sure your hashtag relates to the event. You will receive no benefit if the hashtags does not relate to your posts topic.


 #3 Creativity is key
Be creative with your hashtags! Make your hashtag catchy whereas you are the trend setter. People are more inclined to use the same hashtag if it is unique and clever. But don’t forget you still need to abide by #1 and #2 above. Be creative while also keeping it short and relevant

 #4 Engage, engage, and engage
Once someone uses your hashtag engage with them. Start a conversation with the individual and every time you reply make sure your reuse your hashtag. This will enhance the awareness of the hashtag with others and help spread the message.

 #5 Make it memorable
Make sure your hashtag is something easy to remember and type on-the-go. If you have a hashtag for an event you’re holding, people will use your hashtag in real-time while attending your event. People won’t generally look up a hashtag if they don’t already know what it is or know how to spell it. If your audience has to guess at or doubt your hashtag, they may decide not to use it at all.

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