4 Ways Google+ Can Improve Your Business

4 ways google plus can improve your businessEveryday our businesses utilize technology to become more successful. There are many different tools and websites out there which help you do so. One tool that should be utilized is Google Plus which has many different features that can improve your business as a whole. A growing 100 million people use Google Plus on a daily basis. Here are just four of several advantages for using Google Plus in the workplace.

1. Google Hangouts

This impressive feature of Google Plus allows you to engage in a video chat with clients and colleagues for free. This allows people to get together at a mutual place without having to meet physically. Screen sharing and chat windows are also an addition to Google Hangouts, which is very beneficial for business who are making decisions with long distance counterparts. Google Hangouts has the ability to have up to ten people in the discussion.






2. Improves your ranking

Using Google Plus regularly can boost your search engine ranking for Google overall. With the popularity of Google’s search engine, having a good search engine ranking is extremely important. If you are just using Facebook you are missing out on the search engine opportunity. Each post that is published to Google Plus is indexed individually as if it were its own web page. This means your posts have the potential of being shown in search results.

3. Google Communities

This feature brings people and businesses together on related terms. This enables information and topics to be discusses in a common area. These communities can be public or private. In addition, Google Communities keeps people interactive, connected and can help build business relationships as well as customers.







4. Get your message out

Using Google Plus as your social media outlet is essential. Google Plus allows you to customize your posts to make your messages attractive to your connections. These tools include: image customization, formatting such as bolding and italics, animated video creation and ad design.

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