Kurz Industrial Solutions New Custom Website Grinds All the Right Gears

Based in Neenah, Wisconsin, Kurz Industriral Solutions has been providing continuous improvement and customer satisfaction since 1918. This is the first website project Stellar Blue has designed for Kurz.

Features of the website:
Upon landing on the home page, visitors are drawn to the beautiful scrolling imagery that illustrates the impact Kurz’s solutions provides. “We wanted to showcase the ‘WOW’ photography that was a bit more engaging than a standard stock image of technician working on a product.” Said Creative Director Greg Waters

A 24/7 Hour Service button is highlighted boldly at the top of the page to let customers know their dependability and availability. Visitors can also click on the button to submit a work order request form.

Goals for the website:
The main goals of this website was to monetize and organize the site to provide useful information in a clean, easy to access manner. This was done through navigation options that clearly separate services based on 3 categories; Product Lines, Repair Services and On-Site Services. Finally, prominently displayed on the home page is Kurz’s mission statement to allow the reader to learn a little more about Kurz and what makes them industry leaders.

See the site at: http://www.kurz.com/

Kurz Custom Website

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