10 Tips to Increase Your Social Media Reach

Do you know your ABC’s? The ABC’s of technology that is! The Stellar ABC series is designed to explain some of those techy terms that make us wonder, “what does that really mean?”

Listen as our Social Media Strategist Shelby Milock explains what “reach” means.

Reach in marketing is important because, like Shelby explained, your reach represents how many people saw your content. Whether it’s an email campaign or a social media post or advertisement, your reach is about how far your message goes. So naturally, the higher your reach the more awareness you bring to your content and ultimately your brand.

Social Media

This post will talk about 10 tips to maximize your reach across multiple platforms. Read on!

1. Optimize your profiles
Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn all have fully optimizable profiles that allow you to tell the world all about your brand and your service. You can do this by completing your profile descriptions and incorporate your key words. Try focusing on how someone might find you if they were to search and optimize your profile to best suit those key words for your product or service. Keep in mind that different segments of your overall audience will be on different platforms, so be sure to optimize each platform appropriately. For example, your Twitter description might contain a hashtag, but your LinkedIn descriptions will not.

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2. Follow other users
Social networking is a two-way street. You cannot just build a profile and expect fans to flock to you with no effort on your part. One of the best ways to grow a quality, loyal following on any platform is to build a relationship with influential users. That means commenting on their content, sharing their inspiration and engaging with them. In return, those users will engage with your content the same way. Following other users and, more importantly, engaging with others brings the humanization factor of social media to life. It lets those other users know that there is a human behind the logo. The more following you gain, the better reach potential you have. Better yet, the more engaging of an audience you grow, the more potential for those users to share your content with their networks.

3. Run a contest
Studies have shown the #1 reason people follow brands on social media is for the exclusive offers, promotions and contests. Running a contest gets people talking about what you’re offering, and gets people into a competitive spirit. The combination will prove to skyrocket your organic reach.

4. Use hashtags
Hashtags are used on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest, to name just a few. Hashtags allow users to categorize posts based on common topics. This allows users to search for specific content they’re interested in, and find content from influencers and pages they never knew existed, purely because they searched a hashtag. This expands your reach because again, users that are not currently following you could potentially find you communicating on a hashtag they’re interested in.

5. Use handles and tags
Most social networks allow you to tag or mention other users and pages in your posts. For example, if you were to share this blog post, you could tag our Facebook page, or mention our Twitter handle in your post to give us back authorship credit. Often times users want to show their own networks when they’ve been recognized, which means that user is more likely to share your post to their own networks.

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6. Encourage people to share/ Share valuable, targeted content
The more shares a post gets, the more people are likely to see it. This is common knowledge, yet one of the most challenging components to managing a social brand; getting people to engage. The share is the golden ticket on social, it’s one of the higher forms of advocacy a brand can find on social media. People share things because they like it so much they want their own networks to see it too. They also share things because it benefits them in some way. Get creative and provide a benefit for the user to share your content. Again, the more shares, the more reach!

7. Cross promote your channels
There are many social networks out there, and chances are you’re on at least a few of them. Every channel has different audiences and different purposes and advantages to the network. That said, your followers are likely to be on multiple channels as well. If they follow you on Facebook, they may follow you on LinkedIn if they know you’re there. Let your audiences know all the places they can connect with you. Cross promoting and sharing your networks expands your reach by creating awareness.

8. Advertise
Many social media marketers have chosen to spend a little bit of money to advertise their profiles, brand, products and services. Advertising on various social networks is one of the quickest ways to expand your reach and grow your audience.

9. Encourage advocacy with consistency
We already touched briefly on the importance and benefits of creating brand advocates, and one great way to start is by always maintaining consistency and dependability. You might try posting a regular weekly ‘Tip of the Week’ where you give one simple tip every Monday. Users will begin to take note, and those who find your tips most useful, will begin to consistency tune in and share your posts with their networks. This not only helps generate a buzz about your brand and your presence, but also can drive users directly to your page on a regular basis instead of just hoping your post makes it to their feed.

10. Join communities/groups
Depending on the network, the name may vary, but Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ all offer niche groups and communities for users to communicate and collaborate on common topics. Search out the groups and communities that are most helpful to your industry. Start answering questions, participating in conversations and sharing your own expertise. This expands your reach potential to users who may not otherwise know you exist. This also boosts your credibility and influence in your industry.

There you have it! 10 tips and ideas to help boost your organic reach on social media! Have any tips to add? Share them below!

Do you need help planning or executing your social brand? You’ve come to the right place! Contact our Stellar team today to see what we can do to amplify your social presence.

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