5 Ways to Grow Your Business with Mobile Apps

5 apps to grow your businessToday, mobile technology has changed how we interact with one another and how companies reach their customers.  If a company invests in a mobile app, they are likely to grow their business and improve upon customer loyalty with this user experience enhancing tool.  According to CNN Money, 47% of Internet traffic comes from mobile app usage.

Discover these 5 ways to invest in a mobile app for your company:

1) Convenient Communication
Lets face it, everyone today is glued to their smartphones. Providing an app to a customer will make it easier for them to send positive feedback, report issues, join mailing lists, or even complete online surveys.  On the flip side, if there is a question or a concern, an app allows for an easy and quick response in real time to the customer.

2) Tracking
An app allows you to conduct business by taking orders anytime, anywhere.  Customers can schedule appointments or place orders fast and easy. As the owner, you can then track these orders, feedbacks, and preferences.

3) Announcements & Alerts
By eliminating paper waste, you can announce new product arrivals and send notifications and invites to special events all with the use of an app.  This allows you to deliver information directly to a customer’s device.

4) Exclusive Promotions
Similar to providing key information and alerts, you can also send coupons, vouchers, and loyalty points to customers. This will boost sales and encourage repeat customers.

5) Personalize Service
Targeting a specific audience is a classic marketing tactic. Tailoring a service or product to a specific customer will help set your business apart. A mobile app will enhance this targeting by giving the customers a quick response when ordering or requesting additional information on a new product.

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