Stellar Blue Hires “A” Baldwin!

My name is Adam Baldwin and I am one of the newest additions to the Stellar Blue team. Several years ago, I began learning to code on my own, starting with HTML and CSS which eventually evolved to scripting languages. In 2012, I began the pursuit of a degree in web development at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College and will graduate this spring. Also, in my previous role I gained a deep understanding of web analytics, search engine optimization, and the basics of marketing websites.

What interests me most in this field is that it’s constantly evolving. Very rare does a day go by where I’m not learning or trying new things. I am passionate about staying current on the trends and learning new skills that I can apply to what I create.

When I’m not working or at school, I enjoy spending time with my wife, traveling, and reading. I also am an avid sports fan, a gardening guru, and a connoisseur of craft beer attending many events throughout Wisconsin and the Midwest honing my home brewing skills.

I look forward to working with the Stellar Blue team as we continue to enhance the client experience.

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