8 Guidelines for Choosing the Right Website Images

ImageGuidelinesWe’ve talked about what makes for a successful website – good design, selling points, calls-to-action…etc. Today we will explore 8 powerful guidelines when developing your brand image for your website. There are many elements that play a role in how successful a website is, but good visuals has the number one spot in terms of importance. It is the most powerful means of communication, not to mention the very first noticeable element to your viewer. First Impressions are everything; so make it count with these 8 image guidelines.

1 – Quality Over Quantity
Visual images can hurt a website design just as easily as it can help it. The key is having the right balance of images and text and not to over use the power of an image. Above all else, the quality of the image must be the number one concern when selecting your main image – or any other image for that matter. Large, pixel perfect images that represent the brand and company can enhance the overall design in a professional, impressive way.


2 – Brand Representation
Images do the talking for a brand. When a visitor first lands on a website, there should be no doubt as to what the brand or service is. The main image should reflect and represent the brand/company well. Again, first impressions are everything and your main image is your first selling point and ‘wow’ factor.


3 – Call-to-action
Images can improve visual elements, but can also increase engagement with the viewer with the use of call-to-action buttons. This is a great way to call attention and force the viewer to an important page such as ‘Donate Now’ or ‘Shop Now.’

call to action

4 – A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
We’ve all hear the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Capturing a perfect moment that grabs and engages your audience is a powerful weapon. National Geographic is a perfect example, for all of their images have a strong hold on the viewer and makes them want to read the article. The key here is that the powerful image should reflect the content well and one should not overwhelm the other.


5 – Stand Out
There are a lot of specialties, small niche companies who are trying to stand out. In such cases, the imagery needs to explain what exactly your company offers and why you are different from your competitors.

specialty design

6 – Replace Text with Images
Today, it’s becoming more of a trend to use bigger, bolder images to not only showcase your brand, but to replace unneeded content. The content may be a good read, but without added imagery, we often may get lost. A solid, eye-capturing image with a tagline or short paragraph gives just the right amount of information to the viewer.

image design

7 – Include People
Including people in your images can have high success rates. These photos need to believable to the viewer as being authentic and not staged. Most importantly, try to avoid stock images in this case. You don’t want your main image to bee seen on other pages across the web.

8 – Emotion
When using people, often time there is an additional emotional element baked into the photo. When done correctly, these images portray a certain emotion you want your target audiences to feel.

people photography

When you next visit a website, take note of the type of imagery is being used. It may just surprise you on how much it will impact your decision. Images play a key role in the overall design and should not be seen as just a decorative element, but rather as a key role in the success of your website.

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