5 Awesome Analytics Segments You Should Be Using

SMAs we mentioned in our analytics video series, using segments is a powerful and efficient way to make analytics work for you. You can drill down to see how specific groups of users act on your site and this will enable you to make a website that your visitors love as well as increase conversions. Below are some awesome segments that you can be used to get a better understanding of how visitors are using your website.

Social Traffic
Many companies invest a lot of resources into growing their social channels and one of the most common questions we get is about measuring ROI. Many of the social media channels offer their own insights, which is great but it doesn’t tell you much about when a visitor leaves the channel to go to your website. That is where Stellar Analytics comes in. We can create a segment to see how traffic from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, Google Plus, YouTube or any other social media channel may be using your site. From here we can see how engaged they are with the site and whether or not they are completing any goals. This can give you a better idea of where to spend your resources when it comes to social.

Direct Entry
Direct entry traffic can be a difficult traffic source to try to grow because it relies on the user typing in your website address. However, what we can gage if this traffic is finding the site easy to use, so that hopefully their visit results in a conversion. We can create a segment for direct entry traffic that will allow us to see how many actions they performed, how many pages they viewed and whether or not they made it to a goal page. We can also see if they got stuck at some point during their visit so that we can remove potential roadblocks for future visitors.

Search to Blog
Blogging consistently will benefit your website in many ways. Establishing yourself as a thought leader and providing helpful content to your website visitors, can increase the amount of content that search engines can index. In theory, the more authoritative content you add to your site, the better your website should do in search. One way we measure this is through a ‘search to blog’ segment. This allows you to see how many visitors are finding your site through search and therefore landing on an internal blog post.

No Bounce Traffic
This segment will allow us to see common characteristics of visitors that had great engagement with the site. We can see if a certain traffic source has better engagement or if it has to do with a visitor’s location. This is also a helpful way to see where you should be spending your online marketing budget. If search traffic has your lowest bounce rate, you may want to spend more time creating content for the site.

Location Based
If you are a small business with a single location, you will most likely be interested in how visitors from your city and neighboring cities are using your website. A visitor from a state 2,000 miles away will most likely not be your target customer. You can create a segment to just include visitors from specific cities to understand how they are using your site. Is there engagement better, worse or the same as your overall traffic? This also applies to larger companies who may have a national or even worldwide presence. Are you reaching prospects outside of your specific region or is there an opportunity to expand your reach globally. You can create a segment specifically for visitors from cities outside of your state.

Setting up segments is very simple to do. The Stellar Analytics team is always here to help you make the most of analytics. If you want to take the next step in understanding how analytics can help you grow your site, contact the team or attend our Cultivate and Convert workshop on October 1st.

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