4 Perfect Posting Tips

How do we know the time spent on social media is beneficial? That’s why creating great posts is essential! Although we think it may be easy to create a post; we still overlook the basics. So, here are some tiUntitledps that will help you create the perfect post.

#1 Make sure your post will be reposted
Ask yourself, is this something I can see myself reposting? If not, the chances are people who are viewing your posting will not repost it either. Our overall goal for creating posts is to have them seen by as many individuals as possible. If the posts are not reposted then you are missing out on the viral effect of social media.

#2 Be brief
A great post should be brief with a short fifty-character headline. It should also be no larger than a three-sentence body. In addition, the post has to have an active voice which attracts viewers.

#3 Create eye attractions
Every successful post grabs attention, and this can be done in many ways. Some examples include: photos, graphics, color themes, video, and creative text. Have fun with the design, it may be the next big post!

#4 Schedule different times to post
If you put out your posts the same times, each day, every week, you may be missing opportunities to reach a larger or different audience. Try changing the variation in which you post, it may increase results.

Here is an example of a great post:

Screen shot 2014-09-30 at 3.15.33 PM

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