How to Spark Action on Your Website using Psychology

Web design relies on several triggers to entice the viewer to complete an action and guide them as to where they should go. This is all done through a high level of psychological  testing. Such triggers are FOMO (“fear of missing out”), curiosity and, of course, the look of color to convey a feeling or message.

The following are key brain triggers to keep in mind when optimizing your website to best suit your marketing goals.

1) Less is More
Call to action click-through rates have been proven to be higher on simpler websites and landing pages, compared to those websites that have too much content and text. Complicated websites give too many choices to the viewer, thus causing anxiety. This is known as the “Paradox of Choice” and it can greatly affect sales and service.

2) Suggestive Graphics
Graphics used with scannable blocks of texts, can help with comprehension as to what the section is about. The key here is to strategically choose the right graphics for a clear message and call to action.

Studies have shown that our eyes are drawn to images of people/consumers rather than stock images. This comes across as being more genuine and suggests a personal, friendly relationship.

[TIP] Online marketers select images where we strategically follow that persons gaze to a certain target item on the page.

3) Showcase the Benefits
When highlighting the benefits on a specific page, it allows the consumer to weigh the benefits and costs, known as the cost-benefit analysis. This is common sense on trying to sell a product and persuade the consumer that their life will be much easier once purchasing thus product. The key however, is to highlight these benefits in a short, creative, catchy way.

[TIP] Touch on what the consumer may receive for free, and place this word near call-to-action buttons. This has proven a higher return on investment.

4) FOMO – “Fear of Missing Out”
People do not like the “fear of missing out”, (FOMO) and the consent need to” keep up with the Joneses.” For instance, Smartphones today; they have society craving the latest and greatest of everything, including information, resources, material possessions, and they have conditioned us to have a need to instant gratification. Use this to your advantage. Marketers and web designers can enhance this feeling by exposing what the consumer may miss out on if they do not complete the action.

5) Design Impression
Lastly, but certainly not least, a well designed website can go a long way. (Tips on a successful design here). Today, viewers judge their opinion of one’s company based on the trustworthiness and quality of their web design.  So much where, 94% of initial viewer’s reactions where tested for being design related.

A well designed website with a clear strategic plan, based off of these brain triggers, can be a beneficial marketing tool. Contact the experts at Stellar Blue, for we know good design and good marketing.

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