5 Ideas for Showing Off Your Company Culture on Social Media

Social media is all about storytelling, two-way conversation and engagement and humanizing a brand. As consumers, we don’t log on to our social media accounts to be sold to, we log on to be informed, entertained and connected. As brands, we have to learn to be social on social media; we must have a face, a voice, a personality and a culture. Showing off your culture is hands-down one of the best ways to gain attention on social media, so listen up!

1. Peak Behind-the-Scenes

People who follow your brand want to see how things are done, how things work and how your company functions day-to-day. Next time you’re setting up for a big event, or launching a new product, take some behind-the-scenes videos of your team chomping at the bit to get the project ready. Let your team share their thoughts, feelings and opinions about the progress they’ve made and what’s to come of their hard work.

2. Take pictures at company parties/events
Every company has them, lunch-time cookouts, holiday gatherings, mini birthday celebrations, work anniversary parties, public events – you name it! Now more than ever, our followers and supporters want to see and want to engage with those celebrations too! Snap some photos or short videos and share them to your networks. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how many extra “happy birthdays” you’ll find on social media!


3. Incorporate hobbies and interests into team building and productivity – share it!
Football season, March Madness, Shark Week – these are all things that mass numbers of people around the country and the globe get into on a completely personal and social level. Many brands have found ways to incorporate these events into their work to have a little bit of fun and share in common interests. Stellar Blue Technologies has nothing to do with March Madness or basketball at all, but we created a series of short videos where our marketing team battled out some heated March Madness match-ups during the hype of the event that our audience loved and our team had a lot of fun filming. Pick a team activity and have some fun!

4. Spotlight your team
Let’s face it – your team works hard every day to represent your brand, to keep your clients happy and produce quality work. They are at the forefront and front-lines of your business. That means more often than not, your best company supporters and advocates are going to be those who advocate for your team. The people that make up your team are the people that bring to life your brand, so your teams best supporters are going to be your business’s best supporters. So go ahead and show them off! Show their personal and funny side. You may let them write their own personal blog articles, or tell a funny fact about themselves to your followers. Even the smallest of things help – remember, people trust people, not logos.

5. Let your hair down
Tell a joke, share a funny story, just let your hair down. Yes, we always want to maintain a level of professionalism, but even the most professional of individuals have a humorous side, a playful side and a side that enjoys a good laugh – so go ahead and laugh! And more importantly, share that laughter with your followers, you’ll brighten their day and they won’t forget it!

Sharing your company culture can prove to breathe a little life back into your social media efforts. Remember, it isn’t always about business; social media is about being social and having some fun too. Pay attention to their daily activities in your workplace and get a little creative, opportunities to show your personality are around every corner!

Do you have fun managing your social brand, or is just a lot of work? While managing any social brand can certainly be a lot of work, it can also be fun, too! Join us September 17th for our hands-on workshop, Best Tools & Apps for Managing Your Social Media Presence – our Social Media Strategist Shelby Milock will show you some of the latest and greatest tools and applications to help make managing any social brand fast and fun!

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