5 Ways Your Business Can Go Green With Apps

Go Green: 5 Apps for your BusinessToday, most owners depend on smart phones and devices for efficiency and the convenience they provide to run a business.
If you are a business owner and you care about your carbon footprint, here are five smartphone application picks to make your business green, the easy way.

1)   Do away with junk mail!
PaperKarma is a FREE app that stops all junk mail to your home or business. Simply take a picture of the unwanted mail, and PaperKarma will alert mailers for you on your behalf. This app saves recycling, but also the cost of an unwanted stamp.

2)   Go paperless!
Docusign allows you and your clients to sign legal documents digitally. Just simply sign right on your phone! This saves time printing paper for meetings, eliminates an item on your to-do list, and saves on travel and shipping costs for long distance agreements.

3)   Master recycling!
With iRecycle, you can sort out certain items that you are unsure about in your area. For example, restaurants can find local wine cork recycle programs, and dispose of their oil waste appropriately.  This is great for certain companies that have a niche for recycling and often wonders, “What goes where?”

4)   Save on Gas!
The greenMeter app monitors your fuel and suggests driving adjustments to allow you to use less gas. Claiming to pay for itself, the app converts to less than two gallons of fuel savings. With the gMeter program, the app gages power and fuel usage, oil consumption rates and carbon emissions from any vehicle.

5)   Become a knowledgeable shopper!
With GoodGuide, can buy better supplies, filter products to match values and quality standards of your business, and view their social and environmental impact.  Make smart choices when it comes to electronics, food, cleaners, vehicles, and energy efficient lighting.

Running any business can be stressful, so why not make your life easier and GO GREEN? We have a couple of thoughts on how you can run your business more smoothly. Contact us, the team at Stellar Blue!

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