Discover What Social Networks are Right for Your Brand [INFOGRAPHIC]

One in four people around the world regularly use social media. That’s 1.73 billion people Worldwide. Basically, social media is something you simply can’t ignore.

Stellar Blue Social Media Infographic

As of 2014 there 1.23 billion active users on Facebook, 645 million active users on Twitter, 540 million active users on Google+, 300 million active users on LinkedIn and 70 million active users on Pinterest. Deciding which channel is right for your brand can be a daunting task.

Define Your Goals
Jumping into social media marketing without defining your goals can be risky. Chances are you will want to measure your success and effectiveness, but how can you do that if you haven’t already determined what success looks like? You may want to increase traffic to your website. Or maybe you’re trying to increase and build brand awareness or enhance your customers’ overall UX (user experience). All of these goals can be reached with social media, but it’s important to understand what channels will most benefit each one of your goals. Our infographic shows which channels are most effective for driving traffic to website, building brand awareness or enhancing user experience.

Determine Your Purpose Per Channel
Now that you’ve defined your goals and determined which channels will best help you reach those goals, now it’s time to outline your purpose for each channel. Your Pinterest account will likely be used in a very different way than your LinkedIn account; and your LinkedIn account will be used in a very different way than your Facebook page. Many times writing down a mission statement for each channel can help narrow your focus and create a voice for each channel.

Take Stellar Blue for example. Our mission statement for our Facebook audience is as follows:
“Stellar Blue shares with it’s Facebook audience, predominantly young business leaders and clients, the latest in technology, internet marketing and Stellar culture in order to be an information resource for said audience.”

Let’s dissect this, it includes:
• The core audience target: young business leaders and clients
• What will be delivered to the audience: the latest in technology, internet marketing and Stellar culture
• The outcome for the audience: to be an information resource

Use these three points to help guide you in writing your own mission statements for your social media channels. Remember, this is for you and your team to use as a reference to help focus your brand’s voice.

Engage, Measure and Analyze!

increase your brands audienceJust because you build it, doesn’t mean they will come. Even with nearly 2 billion people using social media Worldwide, it still takes some effort and well executed strategy to reach them, capture them, engage with them and then make them advocates of your social brand. Remember that social media is all about social – it’s not about business. Marketing is no longer about interrupting what people are interested in. With social media, brands now have to be a part of what people are interested in. Think of your social brand as it’s own human with it’s own personality versus thinking of your brand as only an entity.

Finally, no action should ever go unmeasured. Commit to analyzing your social media channels on a consistent and regular basis to ensure that you are reaching those goals you set out to in the first place.

If you’re just starting to explore the crazy World we call social media, or if you have been playing the game for a while, our talented staff at Stellar Blue is here to assist you with any of your social media needs.


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