Top Tips to Effectively Using QR Codes in 2014

QR codes (short for “quick response” code) and QR code readers hit the market fast a few years ago but while it gained in popularity very quickly, the rumors of the death of the QR code are flying rapidly as well. Before we get carried away, let’s take a moment and listen to our Marketing Director Amanda Betts explain what a QR code is.

While those rumors continue to fly around the internet, some studies show the use of QR codes growing. With the increase in people using smartphones and other hand-held devices, QR codes give a simple and quick way to connect people with your virtual brand. The trick about QR codes is ensuring you’re using them the right way.

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Use them appropriately QR codes are meant to drive someone to a virtual destination quickly and easily from a physical state. This means if a customer is waiting at your checkout line, they may be interested in scanning the QR code that directs them to your Facebook page, or a special promotion you’re running. However, adding a QR code to your website or social channels doesn’t really add any value to the user when they can easily click the link to your online destination. Many people have found that adding a QR code to a business card makes it easier for business connections to add you as a contact; find you on social networks, and even find your website with one simple two- second scan.

Ensure your website/landing page is mobile friendly Remember, users who scan your code are doing so from their smartphone or handheld device. If the page your QR code directs users to is not optimized for mobile viewing, again you’ve lost the value and most likely missed out on some conversions.

Offer and incentive to scan QR codes are much more effective when the user gets something out of scanning your code. Asking people to scan your code to like your fan page may certainly garner more likes to your page, but offering an exclusive incentive to those users is bound to not only increase your likes on your page, but also generate some buzz about your brand, and create more loyal customers.

Find QR Scanner that’s right for you There are a number of QR scanners out there for download, but we recommend Red Lazer. Red Lazer is a free app available in the iTunes store that lets you scan a QR code and be taken to the designated virtual destination. Keep in mind when using your own QR codes that some people may not understand how scanning works, or have an application installed to do so, so you may need to recommend a scanner to you own customers from time to time.

Thinking of how you could use QR codes in your marketing efforts? Contact the team at Stellar Blue and let us help you out!

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