How to Develop Your Brand: Part 2

To recap: You have 9 seconds to make an impact and convince the client/customer you are The One.  Both you and your customers should love the name and it should reflect what the business and product stands for.

After compiling your short list of potential names, consider which names are practical and easy to remember and appropriate to your mission and service.

Domain Name
Immediately, .com is what most businesses desire when selecting a domain name. But consider using your country extension (.us) instead. A .com extension is great and performs better with search queries, but it’s not the end-all and be-all if you choose to go a different route.

For example, Instagram originally started as, using the .am domain extension for the country Armenia. There is room to get creative, but do consider how your followers will find you.

Username availability across all social media platforms
Today, social media platforms are a very useful marketing tool. It is smart to check which names on your list are available on popular websites (Facebook and Twitter being the top two).  Head to where you can quickly search which names are taken across all social media websites.

The legalities
Are there any registered trademarks that conflict with your name? Check to see at If you choose to use your personal name, you are in the clear. After all, it is your name and you don’t need to trademark it.

How it sounds
Try the name when answering a phone call or an mock sales pitch or meeting. Try it on for size and ask others how they feel about it. Did you get positive feedback? Does it roll easily off the tongue?

With easy spelling, it will not only be easier for your followers when typing in search engines, but also for you when filling out forms and paper work. If your name is complicated, you may loose business if one does not know how to spell your name.

Google, Coke, Apple, are all distinctive and easy names to remember. Notice how neither of their companies explain what it is that they do. When selecting your name do not make it as simple as Photo Center, or Logo World.  You want your name to be unique and stand out, not blend in. Take note on companies names that are successful and those that are not.

Meanings and feelings
Does your name make an emotional connection or evoke a particular reaction when it comes to your audience? Have you crossed-checked additional meanings or definitions?

Consider expansion and products that you may offer in the future. You don’t want to limit and pigeonhole your business by incorporating your product or service in your name.  Logo World, for example, will have hard time expanding outside of strictly servicing logos. Also consider your employees you may add to the business. If you choose your personal name, do you expect someone to work for you?

There is much to consider when selecting your brand name. It is the building block of your company. These concepts apply to product names and book titles. Names are simply designed to identify and can take us in a desired direction. As the owner, you have every control over which direction you want to lead us.


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