5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Custom Web Design VS. Template Web Design

Custom Vs Template

Today, almost anyone can develop a business, product, or service and with the help of a computer, create a website using online tools and templates. There are dozens of template building websites and platforms available for the average startup business.

However, nobody wants to be average. So why let your business? Here are five reasons why your business/product or service will excel above average with custom web design service. Highly recommended if you want to keep up with the big boys of today’s cutthroat market.

1) Do you have the skill?
Again, anyone can create a website with a template. But will it be good? Not everybody has that niche for creativity and design excellence.  A professional website not only needs an outstanding design, but also outstanding copywriting, coding and many additional elements and interactive features that engages the viewer.

If you want a website that functions, looks, and interacts well, seek a professional expert. Just because you can produce it yourself, does not mean it is quality work.

2) Do you have the time?
Lets say for argument sake, that one does have knowledge of quality design. But does one have the time? Building a quality website takes a tremendous amount of time and effort. Time and effort that could be spend running and organizing your business. Leave the work, headache, and time to the professionals.

3) Templates are One-Size-Fits-All
When attending a formal dinner party, you dress to impress. Your dress or suit style should reflect who you are and should set you apart from the crowd. Same should go for your business’s website. Most website design templates are available, not only to you, but also to dozens of others as well. This creates a formal dinner party with everybody wearing the one-size-fits all suit or dress – Boring!!!

It is far better to be unique, dress to reflect, and stand apart from others! First impressions are everything. What type of impression do you wan to make?

4) Made-To-Order
Templates are organized in a “made-to-order” fashion, with click to replace content approach. They are loaded with graphics, copy and code that are used across many template styles. A customized web design service will offer high-end graphics, copy and code, and custom web applications to go with your site. These apps include, but are not limited to, shopping carts, payment systems, and search features. A template or DIY (do it yourself) site will not be useful in delivering these applications. Tailor your website to fit your business’s needs and wants with a customized design.

5) Worth the Investment
Yes, online templates are free and easy to use. But there are negative reasons for being free. Those reasons are discussed above (1 – 4). In addition, your website could be the best thing since sliced bread, but will people be able to find it?

A custom-built website created by a professional company, such as Stellar Blue, will generate search engine optimization (SEO). This will allow your target audience to locate your beautifully crafted website. This is much needed, since everyone is using their computers, tablets, and smart phones to locate products and services.

A template or DIY website will not have SEO to reach out to your audience. Just because you built it, does not mean your audience will come…


For other helpful tips and to find out how Stellar Blue can help “Grow Your World,” visit our services page.


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