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Lead nurturing is quickly becoming an extremely effective way for businesses to improve their sales process and to increase sales. Lead nurturing is about providing your contacts will meaningful information no matter where they are at in the buying process. Many buyers are now doing the heavy lifting by researching and educating themselves on the products or services that they are interested in. In fact, 60% of their buying decision has already been made by time they reach out to a sales rep. This dramatic shift in buying behavior is a tremendous opportunity for businesses that have quality content to share and that are experts in their fields.

Listen as our own Jason Raisleger explains what Lead Nurturing means.

You’ve Got Contacts. Now what?
There are many ways to collect contact information, whether it is through trade shows, networking events or your website. They key is to send the right people the right information at the right time. This is why segmenting your contact lists are crucial. You can segment lists by industry, product or service they are most interested, company size or where they are at in the buying cycle. This ensures that they are getting the most pertinent information to help them in their decision making process. It is also crucial to make that first follow up as quickly as possible after a prospect reaches out to you. When website visitors fill out a form or send you an email through the contact page, they want a response from you quickly. When you are the first vendor to respond to an inquiry, you have a distinct advantage over the competition. states that 35-50 percent of all sales go to the vendor who makes the first contact.

Prove Your Expertise
Lead nurturing helps you to establish your organization as an expert in your industry and this helps to establish trust.  We all know that people do business with companies they know and trust. Lead nurturing allows you to demonstrate what sets you apart from your competition which also helps to build value in your products and services.  Many b2b opportunities are complex sales that require a lot of research for the client, so the more valuable information you send them will benefit you long term.

What are the benefits of lead nurturing?
Lead nurturing will have positive long term effects on your marketing and sales process. Information can be used for multiple purposes and tailored to fit specific clients or industries.  The prospect you’re working with may not even be aware of some of the other products or services you offer so there is also a great opportunity for cross selling to help satisfy other needs they may have. Below are just a few of the benefits you will reap by implementing lead nurturing:

  • Shorter sales cycles
  • More profitable sales
  • Enhanced customer advocacy
  • More opportunities for cross selling
  • Improved brand image

How does it work?
A good lead nurturing program will include marketing collateral, blog posts, emails, case studies, webinars and more. Each sales cycle is different but you should try to send out valuable information to your contacts every 2-4 weeks. This will help guide them through their process and make choosing your company a slam dunk when it’s time to buy.

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