Meme Mayhem: Mastering the Movement

Listen as our Creative and Marketing Assistant Sam Abramczyk defines what a meme is.

Whether you like them or not, they’re hard to ignore. Memes have completely taken over social media! Memes have become an essential component to many social media strategies because of their potential to go viral – which in turn sends your brand viral, too. Keep reading as we go through how to master the meme movement and send your social strategy through the roof!

Memes Everywhere meme

Determine your goals
The first thing you need to nail down before you start creating anything should be what your goals are for your memes. What are you trying to accomplish? What is the desired outcome? You could have multiple objectives you want to tackle, which will likely mean including multiple memes to align with those goals. You may want to provide some humor, or inspiration, or maybe you’re trying to promote your company in a unique way.

one does not simply forget to use memes in social media

Know your Memes and your Audience
The next consideration when planning out how to use memes in your social media strategy needs to be your audience. Your audience is after all who you your memes are for. What does your audience most respond to? What do they expect from you? What is your audience already sharing and talking about? Al

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