5 Reasons Why Your Marketing Campaign Can’t Ignore Google+


1.  POPULARITY – Google+ is the second most popular social networking site on the internet, second to Facebook thanks to Google+ account being mandatory whenever a person creates a new Gmail account.

2.  SEARCH RANKINGSGoogle+ helps your website and search rankings. Keep in mind that Google owns Google+. Google treats your Google+ page similar to its own webpage, improving your credibility, authorship and ultimately your rankings. Everything and anything you post on Google+ is indexed by Google.

3.  CIRCLES AND COMMUNITIES – Circles and Communities make it easy to segment your markets exactly how you do in your mind and in your sales and marketing funnel. You can put different users into similar circles which allow you to tailor your communication based on the circle or segment you’re trying to reach. Instead of bombarding all of your segments with a tailored piece of content simply because they all follow your feed. Communities are comprised of users that are interested in discussing or learning about specific industries or topics. Users can create, join and participate in as many Communities as they wish.

4.  HANGOUTS – Google+ hangouts allow for easy and convenient video conferencing. Hangouts On Air is no different than most of your top webinar services – only Hangouts On Air records your webinar, streams it live and stores is directly to your YouTube automatically.

5.  CUSTOMIZATION – Google+ posts allow more customization and formatting than other sites. You can bold important sentences and italicize words and sentences to grab a reader’s attention.

According to Social Media Examiner, Google+ tops the list of what marketers are most interested in learning more about.

what are marketers interested in

If you want to learn more about what Google+ can do for your business or organization, join us Wednesday July 16th from 2-4 pm at the Stellar Blue Training Studio in Neenah for our Google+ for Business hands-on Workshop. Our own Social Media Strategist Shelby Milock will be going over the demographics of Google+ users, how to set up a business page, how to join and participate in communities and how to craft engaging posts to help grow your audience.

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