Why Mobile Advertising is as Good as Gold!

Are you still considering mobile advertising for your business? Time to stop the debate and jump on board the wave! Mobile advertising is easily the most effective advertising to date. Here is why!

Mobile adoption
The adoption of mobile technology was the fastest and most wide spread technology adoption in history. Literally one in seven people on earth have a mobile phone and 94% of U.S. adults own these devices. It is extremely important for marketers to take these statistics into account and advertise through these mediums to reach their target audiences. Mobile devices encompass nearly every targeted persona you could muster! Mobile internet usage is predicted to pass up PC usage within the next year as well. Make sure to not be left in the dust!

Geographic targeting
Previous technologies that supported advertisement from newspaper to radio to television has never been able to target as well as mobile devices can. There was never any exact targeting when it came to previous technology. Mobile phones allow you to target extremely specific geography. Some of the newest technology from a startup called Nomi even allows for in store hyper-targeted advertisements to enhance brick and mortar shopping experience. Think of it as advertisement sniping.

Access to audience anytime
Mobile devices give you access to your audience anytime you want access. Think about it. People always have their mobile devices with them. They have them shopping, driving, at events, during work, etc. This allows the modern advertiser to reach their audience at times previous media could never even conceive! For example, if you wanted to advertise your online pizza delivery service to college aged individuals playing mobile games Friday night from 9:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m. you can! The possibilities are endless and the technology really is only in its infancy.

Never before has advertising been so flexible when it comes to making adjustments during the middle of campaigns. Previously, media plans were developed based on prior knowledge of success and essentially set in stone for the duration of a campaign. Mobile technology allows one to make mid campaign adjustments in regards to targeting, timing, creative, etc. It’s a huge advancement for the advertising industry because it allows for the most effective campaigns possible.

Mobile advertising is here and taking advantage of it can be the key to bringing your business to the next level. The capabilities of mobile advertising are endless and they continue to grow! The real gem of the industry is that there is a solution for every size business. If you are interested in advertising on mobile devices, feel free to contact us for more information!

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