Using Analytics To Make Your Boss Think You Have Superpowers


A good analytics program can be your best friend when trying to improve your website because it is full of useful information. You can pinpoint exactly where users are coming from, how they are finding you and you can also see what they like and what the dislike about your site. Understanding the information below will make your boss and co-workers think that you have superpowers!

Use Analytics To Grow Your Website

Visitor Log

A visitor log allows you to see information about each individual visit on your site. Now you can create traffic maps to see what path most visitors follow when navigating through your website. You can use this information to determine if your visitors are using the site as you intended, and will also allow you to make changes to optimize the navigation to increase conversions.


Segmentation is a powerful feature of analytics that lets you look at how specific data works together.  For instance, if you just wanted to see information from visitors from Wisconsin, who found your site through a search engine and went to your contact page, you can setup these parameters to view only the data that meets these criteria. This is an extremely efficient way to use analytics by focusing on the highly valuable web traffic.


Referrers allow you to tell how visitors arrived at your website. Perhaps you have visitors that are familiar with your site and either type in the URL or already have it saved in their browser. Maybe they found you through a search engine. If you are part of online directories or social networks, there is a very good chance you will see substantial traffic from these channels. This is powerful information to use when deciding where to focus your marketing resources online.

Entry and Exit Page

Most of the time, website visitors will land on your homepage as the first page of their visit; however, this isn’t always necessarily the case. Do you have a blog? You may find many of your visitors get to your website from a blog post that they saw shared through social media. You may also have special campaigns directing people to a specific page on your site.  Now you can confidently report on how engaged users are with that page and make adjustments as needed. It is also helpful to see which pages visitors exit after viewing. If visitors are leaving your site after viewing your contact page, these visits may be good because they found the information they were looking for and are now going to contact you. If you see a large number of visitors leave from an informational page, it may be a sign that there is room for improvement to get those visitors to you contact page.

If you would like to learn more about how you can use Stellar Analytics to grow you web presence, please reach out to our analytics team for a complimentary demo.  We have several analytics packages available so you can choose the option that is the right fit for your business. You’ll have your superpowers in no time!

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