The Slickest Tricks Only Hardcore Marketers Know

Every industry has there inside tips and tricks, especially the marketing industry.  The marketing industry is fueled by a fire hose of these types of things, which is why it can seem overwhelming. Below are a few of the slickest tips we have seen that anyone can take advantage of!

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Google Alerts

This is a great service Google offers for free. Simply put in any keywords of interest and when Google indexes a new webpage with those words, it emails you the link! This is extremely helpful for many reasons. First, if you add your business name to Google Alerts you will get all information about media coverage, people commenting on your business, etc. This is great for keeping tabs on things in regards to your venture.  Additionally it can be used for a variety of things from keeping up with industry news, finding quality social content to even job searching! If you aren’t using this service yet, time to climb on board. Start using now!

Blog Topic Generator

Writer’s block can be tough to get through, especially when coming up with fun topics for blog posts! Since blog content is the most essential piece to the blogging puzzle you can’t have content that puts people to sleep! Thankfully Hubspot developed a fun solution to the problem with their blog topic generator. It’s simple, type in a few nouns and it instantly creates topics for you. It’s not always grammatically accurate, however it does give you some quality ideas to work with.

Smart Briefs

Keeping tabs on all of the latest business and marketing news can be a hassle. However, there is a solution to this from SmartBrief! This company is dedicated to developing daily newsletters to professionals in a huge variety of industries including: business, construction, education, energy & chemicals, finance, food & beverage, government & nonprofit, health care, media, retail, tech, transportation, and travel & hospitality. These newsletters are great because they save you time from sifting through stories and are delivered right to your email! Check out the newsletters here.

There are only three tips of thousands. Plus, with daily innovation these could be outdated in no time! Marketing is all about being adaptive and learning effectively. If you have any tips you want to share, feel free to throw it in the comments below!

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