4 Zany Social Media Tips for Small Business

Using social media to market your small business can be a daunting task. However, there are a lot of advantages that small businesses have when it comes to social media. Small business revolves around building relationships with their niche customer groups, which is exactly what needs to be done in the digital realm. Below are some spiffy ideas to help ignite your small business social media-marketing initiatives!


1. Have mini contests that drive engagement! Having fun spur of the moment contests on your social channels can be extremely effective. In terms of ROI (return on investment) they can easily yield a far greater return than paying to advertise your page via that social platform. A great example of this is done with a local café in the Stellar Blue neighborhood called All Seasons Coffee House. They consistently use “like” or “share” contests to give away a free coffee to winners while reaping the reward of a large social ripple on the marketing end.

2. Be extremely personable with content. Using social media as a small business already allows you to have the upper hand when it comes to communicating with your customer base. This is because you are at the heart of the community. In comparison, large corporations spend millions to seem more local and as human as possible. Take advantage of this by posting content that includes your small staff or even customers! The more you can connect at a human-to-human level with your customers via social media, the better.

3. Use geography to your advantage! Small businesses tend to have a central location that is surrounded by a community. Use landmarks, common places, etc. to your advantage when posting content to your social media channels. Creating content that relates to people is really important and can enhance the level of engagement. You can even invite people to stop by for special deals during town events. There are endless possibilities to incorporate this concept when it comes to social media marketing.

4. Participate and brag about it. Make sure to volunteer and participate in community events and document it. You aren’t considered any less ethical if you turn a picture from an event into marketing content, it just means that you are proud to help out around the community! People love to see local business help out the community and it can even help promote events or charities that are in need of extra publicity.

Remember, there is no specified way to promote your business on social media. Marketing is all about trial and error as well as having fun. As long as you keep things interesting and engage with your audience, good things will happen!

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