The Well Oiled Website of Precision Machine, Inc.


Through continuous improvement, employee education and a commitment to excellence, Precision Machine, Inc. has been achieving manufacturing brilliance within industries such as aerospace, defense, forestry and much more. With the launch of the company’s new custom website, the manufacturing company’s future continues to look bright.


When visitors first view Precision Machine’s new website, they will lay eyes on the custom grass background that was specifically chosen because of the manufacturing company’s extensive dedication to environmental awareness. Next, the visitors’ attention will be pulled to the custom scrolling banner that is the main feature of the homepage. The copy within the banner allows visitors to easily navigate through the company’s areas of focus. Additional features of the website include responsive web design, allowing the website to adapt itself to fit any mobile device and WordPress integration, making site updates quick and simple. Furthermore, the custom website is integrated and tracked with Stellar Analytics.

Goal of the Website

This website was designed to specifically focus on Precision Machine’s key areas of focus. The scrolling banner on the homepage does a great job of highlighting these key areas while allowing consumers to easily navigate through the entire website. Easy navigation was another key factor in the development of the website. Along with the banner, strategically links are placed throughout the entire website. This website also features some of the prestigious awards Precision Machine has won throughout the years, which proves this manufacturing company is truly top of the line.

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See the site at:

 Screen shot 2014-05-08 at 3.47.59 PM

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