K is for Klout: To Measure or Not to Measure

Klout Score breakdownMaybe you’ve heard the term ‘Klout’ before, or maybe you haven’t. If you do any work managing a brand on social media, you should know what Klout means, and what your Klout Score is. Listen as our Social Media Strategist Shelby Milock gives us a quick definition of Klout.

Since its launch in 2009, Klout has stirred up its share of debate and controversy with critics questioning the metrics and methods used to calculate and determine a Klout Score. Klout defines a Klout Score as a number between 1-100 that represents your influence. The more influential you are, the higher your Klout Score.

Why measuring your influence is important
Your social media influence represents how interesting and relevant your online brand is, and the rate in which that interest level grows among your audience and networks. Knowing how influential you are can help determine many valuable factors such as who your advocates are, what your strong content is and who the right audience is to help spread it.

Does your Klout Score matter?
Clearly, measuring your influence is important. But using Klout to do so is the real question. Any social media marketer or community manager should be using multiple tools to measure their social media effectiveness. Klout by itself may not be the best and most accurate tool to rely on. However, being that Klout is a publically visible score, it’s important to at least pay attention to where your number sits.

Whether you consider your Klout Score important and accurate or not, the fact that it provides data should be enough to pay attention to it.

Other tools to measure online Influence
Sprout Social

So, To Measure or Not to Measure – What are you going to do?

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