3 Foolproof Ways to Fuel Your Marketing Strategy with Geotagging

Listen as our Marketing Director Amanda Betts explains what Geotagging is.

With the rise of mobile, and people using their smartphones for everything, it’s no surprise that location-based services have become widely used. Marketers have started to discover new ways to capitalize on the advantages that location-based marketing can offer.

Take Foursquare for example:

  • Foursquare is a location-based social networking application for smartphones and mobile devices.
  • Users “check-in” by selecting their current location from a list of nearby locations generated by tracking that user’s GPS coordinates.
  • Foursquare has acquired 45 million users since its launch date in 2009.
  • They have accounted for 5 billion check-ins and 40 million tips provided about locations across the globe (source).

Aside from its growing number of users, Foursquare has helped drive awareness to small businesses and startups simply by showing users ‘nearby locations’ when they log into their app. Foursquare is all about Geotagging. So how can you harness the power of Geotagging in your marketing strategy? Keep reading!

1. Submit your location to Google Places
There are many benefits of submitting your business to Google Places. Most importantly, it’s free! Having a Google Places listing will help Google include your location when people near you are searching for something you could help them with. When you are found in a search, users can easily download your location to their maps and immediately get directions to your front door. [Contact Us to help set that up!]

2. Join Foursquare for Business
Joining Foursquare will not only generate awareness of your location to local users, but it will also provide another channel to connect and engage with your audience, and potentially grab the attention and visit of a neighboring user. Foursquare allows you to offer promotions, coupons and perks exclusively to your new and returning Foursquare loving customers.

3. Add Geotagging to your blog posts
WordPress just announced this week (5/13/2014) that they’ve made it easier now for bloggers to add geotagging to their blog posts. Adding a location to your content increases your potential of being found in local searches and also gives you yet another chance to let people know how insanely close you really are! You can add your location to your posts, photos and videos on social networking sites as well.

There you have it! There a about a million ways you can use Geotagging, or location based services to enhance your marketing strategy. How do you use geotagging already? Do you have any more ideas to share? Please let us know in the comments below!


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