F is for Follower: If You Tweet It, They Will Come

Listen as our Multimedia Marketing Assistant Neal gives us a brief definition of follower.

How do I increase my followers on social media? It may seem like a simple question, but we guarantee you there is no simple answer. Unless your name is Justin Bieber or Katy Perry, you are going to have to work to build your Twitter audience. This may seem like a daunting task to inexperienced social media users, but don’t worry. In this blog post we have outlined five simple steps that will skyrocket your social media reach.

1. Utilize existing social media connections and email contacts

You are more likely to be followed by someone whom you already have an existing relationship with. If your business has a blog, mention your Twitter handle in posts and experiment with embedding you tweets directly onto your posts and landing page. Promote both online and offline. Share your Twitter handle on business cards, email signatures and graphics. Same thing for online outlets, link to your Twitter account and link to it often!

2. Tweet, tweet, tweet

The more active you are on Twitter the more easy it is for people to find you. However, be cautious about content overload. Schedule your tweets in order to leave time for interactions. Social media management websites, like Hootsuite, are great for scheduling social media posts out in advance, allowing you to keep a steady flow of content and save time.

3. Interact with other users

Seek out users that share and tweet about similar industries or interests and don’t be afraid to start a conversation with them. When you comment on, retweet, or favorite a Twitter post, consider following users who also engaged with the post. People will share your tweets if there is a common interest and your tweets are relevant. Which leads us to number four…

4. Content is King

Try and get inside your follower’s heads and answer the question, what kind of content can better enhance their lives? If you are sharing uninteresting or irrelevant content, not only will users ignore the information, but they might also unfollow you. Try to incorporate images into posts. Images are processed quickly and people are drawn to posts with pictures more than just text.

5. Use analytics to find peak posting hours

Analytics can be a powerful tool to help you fully utilize a social network. How many people did your post reach? What kind of links do your followers like best? What time of day are the most followers seeing my posts? Analytics can answer these questions and many more. Once you have gathered the data, you can begin to tailor a social media strategy specifically towards your audience.

Have you experimented with any of the above tips? Share your stories and experiences below!

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