Knock knock. It’s American Door and Supply Co.’s New Website!

American Door and Supply Co. has a reputation for being a trusted name in the garage door industry. With a combined 90 years of experience, the garage wholesale company looks to its new custom website to take it to the next level!

Features of the website

The main feature of American Door and Supply’s new website is the custom rotating banner that is prominently displayed on the homepage. The banner rotates through featured products and provides visitors with quick information about the company’s top performing garage doors. The custom website is also integrated with the content management system WordPress, which allows American Door and Supply to easily manage its products, custom design and home page animation. Furthermore, custom drop-down menus and strategically placed links to different industries and top brands allow visitors to easily navigate through the website creating an effortless shopping experience. Links to the company’s email address, phone number and social media accounts are tactically placed throughout every page on the website, promoting one-on-one communication between American Door and Supply and its customers.

Goal of the website

This website was designed to build and nurture relationships with American Door and Supply Co. and its customers. Visitors will experience less shopper frustration by making the site easy to navigate with custom drop-down menus, quick links and by segmenting products by both type and brand. If visitors have any further questions, contacting the American Door and Supply is only a click away.

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See the site at

American Door and Supply Co.'s New Custom Website

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