Struggling to Revive Your Organic Reach?

Has Facebook killed your organic reach too?

With Facebook being the biggest social networking site, serving over 1.3 billion users world-wide and growing, it’s no wonder brands have flocked in the millions to be a part of the social giant and capitalize on the growing audience. However, over the past few months companies across Facebook are watching their organic reach numbers fall off the map to nearly non-existent. It’s been reported that posts are being delivered to approximately 16% of our established audience.











So why, if our audience hasn’t decreased and in fact is still growing, why are we suddenly reaching such minimal fractions of our audience? This is a direct result of Facebook’s latest attempt to provide its users with the most relevant and credible content. This means, quality fans that provide our brand pages with quality engagement are key to maintaining value and success on Facebook.

Before you panic, let’s clarify a few things. This doesn’t mean Facebook is taking away or removing your fans, or removing any of the features we have used to connect and communicate with our fans. It simply means our posts now have less potential to organically be delivered to every one of your fan’s news feeds.

What does this mean for your Facebook strategy?

Now more than ever, fan scoring will become increasingly important to measure. Out of 5,000 fans, how many of those fans are truly supportive advocates for your brand? What do they find helpful, interesting, entertaining and relevant? How do we get those fans to come to our page, consume our content and engage with us? The easiest way to get your reach back, and most recommended by Facebook, is to invest a portion of your budget to compensate for your lost reach by boosting posts and running sponsored stories.

It’s not all bad! While this change presents a whole new set of challenges for brands, it really isn’t all bad. Remember, Facebook’s goal is to deliver the most relevant content to the right users. This does mean, your content now has a better chance of landing on the page of someone who really, truly might find that content relevant, versus landing in front of 5,000 less than supportive, mediocre fans that are less likely to engage back.

If you would like to learn more about how these changes may be affecting you and your brand page, we invite you to join us for one of our upcoming hands-on workshops to help you better understand how to maximize your social media channels and understand the insights and analytics that track and measure your effectiveness.

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