Social Media Analytics: How to Measure Your Effectiveness

One of the number 1 questions asked by business owners and leaders regarding social media is, “How do I know when I’m successful on social media?”

Measuring your rate of growth, how many Likes or Followers you have, and how many people saw your last post are all good things to take a look at, but standing alone, these metrics won’t truly tell you whether you’re making an effective ripple with your social brand. This post will go over some very important things to consider when measuring and determining your social media effectiveness.

What are your goals?
Having a clear and realistic goal in place for your social media efforts is incredibly crucial yet commonly overlooked. How can you know if you’re being effective if you haven’t determined what effective is?

As yourself:
1.) Are you using social media to drive traffic back to your website or brick and mortar?
2.) Are you using social media to build a community and generate awareness for your brand?
3.) Are you using social media as a source for quality customer service?

Now that you have some goals in place, you’re able to focus and tailor your efforts more to maximize on the goals you’re trying to reach. Once your efforts are more focused and tailored to your goals, now you can look at your social media analytics in a whole new light!

Turn Data Into Insight: Discover KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators)

Looking at individual statistics in your social media analytics tools can be deceiving. It’s important to look at all of the data and consider every number as a part to a whole instead of stand-alone numbers.

Every social brand will have different metrics that make that brand successful. What works for you may not work for the next brand.

If you want to learn more about how to measure and monitor your social media effectiveness, join us May 14th for our Social Media Analytics hands-on workshop!

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