4 Ways to Sky Rocket your Social Media Audience

Social media is all about developing an audience for your brand to communicate with. However, sometimes growing that audience isn’t as easy as it sounds. Some brands can easily gain a following of thousands and some have troubles achieving their smaller goals.  There is no perfect solution to this problem, but there are a lot of ways you can gain followers. Below are a few effective ways we have seen brands gain followers.

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1. Video, video, video

Seems simple right? It is simple. Social media audiences love video, so give them video! The more interaction your content has on social media the farther the content will ripple. At Stellar Blue we have seen this first hand with a few of our short clips getting 30 times more reach than our average posts. The optimal video content should be only a couple minutes long at most. Remember, your audience will most likely be viewing your content via their mobile device. The more reach, likes, shares, or retweets your content has the better chance you have of obtaining new audience members!

2. People love contests

Social media contests are a great way to generate buzz about your brand. There’s many different ways to have a contest from simple to intricate.  Usually social media contests dwell around sharing posts or tweets with a random drawing from the participants. Also content creation contests can be an entertaining way to engage with your audience by having people create pictures or videos to enter. No matter what the contest is, as long as it is fun and engaging you should benefit from it. We have seen local companies who gain hundreds of followers simply because they are giving away a prize for liking their Facebook page. Contests can be a very effective tool depending on your audience.

3. Traditional marketing integration

One way that is sometimes overlooked is to integrate social media into your traditional marketing pieces. For instance, having a Facebook URL on your company brochures, including hashtags in magazine advertisements, or simply mentioning your social media account at a networking event can be more useful then you think. Remember, social media has to be an integral part of your broader marketing plan not separate from it.

4. Advertise your page

Depending on what your social media goals are, paying to advertise your page could be greatly beneficial for your brand. However, It is definitely situational because sometimes paying for a social audience won’t offer the best ROI based on how important your social media is for your marketing initiatives. If you gain  most of your  leads from a specific social media platform, then it might not be a bad idea to invest in some advertising there.

Overall, there is no easy way to be the coolest kid on the block. These are a few strategies we have seen be effective, but there is a thousand ways to increase your social media audience. If you have any questions or want to share cool ways you have increased your audience comment below, we would love to hear what you have to say!


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